Anti Aging Remedies You NEED

This past week, I had multiple Zoom and FaceTime calls, and I was surprised at how much discipline it took for me not focus my attention on the effects aging had on my face and neck. I do not think I am alone in this feeling. Spending hours on Zoom and Facetime calls has us looking at our face in motion and not just in static photos. You may notice the aging in your face more than before the quarantine. Laxity, droopiness, or movements from collagen and elastin loss were evident before the COVID-19 outbreak; it is now just looking back at us daily as we are using technology for meetings and virtual cocktail parties!

If you are noticing a more etched-in neck, sagging jowls, or a double chin, you are not alone. Anti-aging treatments are our specialty at Healing Waters; we have one of the most robust clienteles for Botox and dermal fillers in our region, and have been treating the aging face for over 18 years. When you are walked through the science behind neck-related aging and then provided with follow up action steps to turn back the clock, you will realize how important it is to take care of the skin on your neck.

Why Neck Aging Happens

To facilitate the neck and head movement, as well as talking and swallowing, the skin on the neck is more pliable and elastic than the skin on the face. In fact, you can feel this with your fingers by gently tugging on the skin on your neck and then your face to notice the difference.

The neck's skin will show the effects of aging, as collagen and elastin decrease with old age. We still need enough skin to have a full range of motion of the head, but with elastin loss, the skin does not snap back to its resting position, and wrinkles become more prominent. Additionally, neck skin is often neglected, even by people who take care of their faces. We usually fix problems when we see them instead of working hard to prevent problems. Many people use skin care products on their faces due to already presenting problems, but neglect applying the products to the neck and chest area because, "it does not look like it's aging." As a result, some have hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, and overall unattractive skin.

As we bend our neck to move the head up and down, the platysmal muscle produces vertical bands and horizontal creases, often called "necklace lines".

Neck aging intervention at home:

We can do the number-one thing to help reverse aging on the neck - treat the neck the same way we do our face. I know it is an extra step, but it is worth making the extra effort to extend your current anti-aging products from your face to your chest.

Since the neck has less sebaceous follicles than the face, alternate every other day with potent anti-aging ingredients like retinol or acids, and then a gentle, hydrating moisturizer in the morning.

Anti-Aging In-Office Options

  1. Discoloration & Texture: If you are experiencing discoloration and texture challenges of the neck skin, our go-to treatment is a NanoPeel to gently treat the neck, working up to a Halo treatment of the neck. This will improve the texture, which we often combine with BBL to treat redness and brown spots.
  2. Double Chin: If you have a double chin, we recommend freezing the fat with CoolSculpting. We often will combine this with Kybella to dissolve the fat and give a beautiful profile. If you struggle with a weak profile -dermal filler may be used to help enhance chin projection.
  3. Necklace Lines: To minimize necklace lines, we recommend combining Botox in the platysma bands and superficial hyaluronic acid fillers.

Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Solution

The most significant results are achieved through a plastic surgery neck lift procedure. Our top plastic surgeon, Dr. Rieger, can do neck work that is very natural and he addresses sagging and laxity by tightening up muscles and eliminating fatty deposits, while restoring the underlying tissue back to a more youthful position. Don't forget: The neck can definitely become overlooked and give away your age noticeably. Do not treat the neck as the half-sister to the face and let the face get all the attention. Take care of the neck properly. Confidently wear off-the-shoulder tops, and showcase your lower face and neck in your upcoming Zoom and Facetime calls!

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