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Now is the time to take care of you. You are worth it. Begin your transformation today at Healing Waters.

Body Rituals

Our body rituals incorporate meditation concepts that represent fundamental principles of healthy living: Calm, Balance, Correct, and Restore. Emerge revived, focused, and refreshed. We recommend partaking in a body ritual once per quarter to help keep you present and grounded.

Calm Warm Stone Body Ritual

This body calming ritual begins with a gentle exfoliation using our Calm Body Scrub followed with a full body masque and steam therapy to deepen relaxation. Enjoy a rhythmic warm stone massage followed by a Swedish-style massage application of our Calm Body Lotion. Emerge with a heightened sense of peace and well-being.
90 min / $195

Balance Hot Poultice Body Ritual

Release stale and stagnant energy from head to toe. This relaxing herbal ritual begins with our Balance Body Scrub to slough away dead skin cells followed by a full body masque and steam therapy to cleanse the body of impurities. Relish in the relief of warm Thai poultices (herbal packs) as they are massaged over sore muscles and aching joints. The finishing touch is a Swedish-style massage with our Balance Body Lotion. Find yourself feeling centered and refreshed.
90 min / $195

Correct Warm Bamboo Body Ritual

Find your joy with this amazing skin revitalizing ritual. Our Correct Body Scrub will rejuvenate a sluggish exterior and awaken the senses while our full body masque and steam therapy help detoxify the pores. Relax as warm bamboo sticks are used for a full body pressure point massage followed by a massage application of our Correct Body Lotion. Feel invigorated and ready to embrace the day.
90 min / $195

Restore Warm Paraffin Body Ritual

Restore a sense of well being. Enjoy full body exfoliation with our Restore Body Scrub followed by a soothing body masque and pore-cleansing steam therapy. Feel the warmth of hydrating paraffin packs melting away your stress as they are gently massaged across the body. Find yourself renewed as our Restore Body Lotion is applied with Swedish-style massage strokes.
90 min / $195

Please note: Body rituals are not offered during pregnancy.

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“The body rituals are out of this world and everyone should treat themselves to one!”

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