Therapeutic Massage

Restore balance, health, and wellness with the timeless techniques and bountiful benefits of massage therapy. We recommend a return visit every three weeks to maintain optimal health.

Essential Massage

Achieve gentle relaxation with this introductory therapeutic massage. Incorporates Swedish-style techniques using light to moderate pressure.
50 min / $110

Signature Massage

Enjoy enhanced relaxation in our signature therapeutic massage. Incorporates Swedish-style techniques using light to moderate pressure with added aromatherapy, a warm paraffin pack and dry body brushing to encourage lymphatic drainage.
60 min / $125
90 min / $175

Deep Tissue Massage

Intended for relief of stubborn knots or areas of chronic tension, this massage is for those who prefer firm pressure and desire a workout from their session.
50 min / $135
80 min / $195

Couples Massage

Surrender together in a suite designed for two. Choose from our Signature Massage or Deep Tissue Massage.
60 min Signature Couples / $250
90 min Signature Couples / $350
50 min Deep Couples/ $270
80 min Deep Couples/ $390

Prenatal Care Massage

Help relieve the physical discomforts of pregnancy. This massage can also benefit baby by creating a calming in utero environment. Specialized pregnancy cushions are used, allowing mom-to-be to lie comfortably on her stomach. Pregnancy cushions are also helpful for breast augmentation patients.
50 min / $125
80 min / $185

Stress Zone Massage

The neck, back and shoulders are the most common place to hold tension. Enjoy a focused massage to this “stress zone” using cold or heat therapy lotion to elevate relief. Incorporates a hot towel to the back to help soften tight, tense muscles.
25 min / $95

Balanced Head and Toe

This combined scalp and foot reflexology treatment will help reduce stress and restore the flow of energy throughout the entire body. A bentonite clay mask is applied to the feet to gently draw out toxins from the body and illuminate areas of imbalance. Reap the benefits of enhanced circulation, relaxation and improved balanced from head-to-toe.
50 min / $110

Weekend Warrior

A massage for those who push their body to physical extremes or have recently begun a new workout/training regimen. Enjoy the power of deep tissue therapy combined with Thai stretches to release acute muscle soreness and restore range of motion. Incorporates therapeutic cold or heat therapy lotions for added relief.
50 min / $135

Kansas Starry Night

This service prepares you for a restful night of sleep. Lavender chamomile massage oil is used to help you release the day’s tension and induce sweet dreams. A warm, abdominal wrap and comforting eye pillow are provided to help you feel cozy and ease you into peaceful bliss. Recommended booking after 5pm or excellent during the daytime for 3rd shift workers.
75 min / $175

Inner Strength Massage

A massage to uplift your spirits, release anxiety and ease depression. Begin with a guided meditation from the Dalai Lama and relax to the soothing sound of Theta waves during your massage. This treatment is ideal for individuals challenged by lack of energy or confidence, those struggling to move past difficult life circumstances, and individuals recovering from trauma.
80 min / $175

Heavenly 4-Hands Massage

Two therapists provide a calming synchronized full body massage using rhythmic therapeutic techniques. Enjoy a little taste of heaven.
50 min / $230

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