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Q&A with a Plastic Surgery Patient: Eyelid Surgery and Brow Lift

Blepharoplasty, more commonly known as eyelid surgery, is a relatively minor procedure that can have profound results. The procedure creates a refreshed, more rested, and often younger-looking appearance by addressing drooping eyelids and pockets of fat around the eyes. In some cases, these issues can obstruct vision and lead to daily, severe headaches and “eyelid fatigue”, a result of excess skin creating pressure on the eyelid.

A drooping brow line can exasperate these problems making brow lift surgery a common complementary procedure. What many individuals don’t realize is that insurance will often cover these procedures when the visual field is obstructed.

Kent was an ideal candidate for both eyelid surgery and a brow lift. Here, Kent shares with us what has him raving about his results!

Why did you pursue eyelid surgery?
I had begun noticing in pictures of myself as I’ve gotten older, that my eyes looked partially closed at all times. I was also suffering from fatigue in my eyes and forehead. When I spoke to a friend from Healing Waters she suggested I look into the procedure.

How have you felt about your results?
I love my results! I’m 90 days post-surgery and still seeing improvements. I can say without question that I’m glad I had the procedure done.

How has the procedure impacted your life?
First and foremost, it has improved my peripheral vision. I didn’t realize how much it had been compromised over time. It has also improved my appearance, allowing my eyes to actually look fully open and alert.

Did you experience any pain during or after surgery?
Minimal. I experienced minor swelling and irritation while healing, but that was the only discomfort. I expected some pain when the stitches were removed, but it was a simple and painless process that actually provided additional relief.

What was the recovery process like?
The first several days were the toughest because my vision was blurred and that made daily activities like driving and watching television more difficult. But by day 5, the blurring, the blurring had subsided and by week 3, I began to notice improvement.

How have you felt about the results of your brow lift?
The brow lift was done at the same time as my eyelid surgery at the recommendation of the surgeon and it was a great complement to the procedure. It removed wrinkles from my forehead and took a lot of pressure off my eyes. It worked very well having them done at the same time because it provided the best results, making it possible for my eyes to be opened wider than eyelid surgery alone.

Have others noticed the change in your appearance?
Definitely. I’ve received numerous compliments on how much younger I look!

What would you say to others considering the same procedure?
If you have problems with drooping eyelids, or headaches related to pressure on your eyes, it’s a great idea. Looking better and younger doesn’t hurt anything either! To make it even more appealing, insurance paid for my procedure in full.

How was your experience with Healing Waters?
Everyone I’ve dealt with at Healing Waters has been very professional and friendly. The staff is very knowledgeable and helpful. If I decide to have any other procedures done, I will choose Healing Waters!

Healing Waters is a AAAHC accredited facility. We offer the latest technology and a complimentary spa service to all patients post-surgery to promote wellness and healing. To schedule a consultation with one of our board-certified plastic surgeons, contact your local Healing Waters.

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