Healing Waters Story

Healing Waters began from a deep desire to help people. Our goal was to create a place completely centered on the well-being of our guests and patients, with a staff of caring individuals inspired to help others see their self worth and realize their full potential.

Our Mission

To exceed expectations on every level, build lasting relationships and inspire transformational change.

Transformational Change

Transformational change is a positive shift in thinking, perception or habit that alters a person’s lifestyle for the better. It is change that transforms a person’s life in a beneficial and rewarding way.

To guide our mission, we have established four key principles that represent the essence of transformational change: Calm, Balance, Correct, and Restore. These principles have been woven into nearly every aspect of the Healing Waters experience. They are applied throughout our spa, aesthetic and plastic surgery services and honored in our community engagement and charitable endeavors.



Calm an anxious mind.

Create access to your inner peace, quiet, and tranquility. Retreat from surrounding chaos.



Balance your daily life.

Find your center. Remember where “I” begins and ends. Harmonize mind, body, and soul.



Correct bad habits.

Awaken your senses and experience your joy. Feel the potential of your aliveness.



Restore healthy living.

Replenish a depleted core. Fill yourself with nourishment and renewed strength.

Healing Waters Core Values

The Healing Waters core values serve as our guiding principles. They direct us in our daily processes and help us remain focused on achieving our long term goals.

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