Facelift Transformation

Follow the transformational journey of a real Healing Waters patient. Janice received a facelift, neck lift and upper eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) from Plastic Surgeon James Rieger in March 2017.

Janice’s Video Diary

Video 13: Seven Weeks Post-Surgery

Video 12: Four Weeks Post-Surgery

Video 11: Three Weeks Post-Surgery

Video 10: Two Weeks Post-Surgery

Video 9: One Week Post-Surgery

Video 8: Day 4 Post-Surgery

Video 7: Day 2 Post-Surgery

Video 6: Day 2 Post-Surgery (with Dr. Rieger)

Video 5: Day 1 Post-Surgery

Video 4: Post-Surgery Update (Dr. Rieger)

Video 3: Pre-Surgery

Video 2: After Patient Consultation

Video 1: Before Patient Consultation


This video series is offered with the consent of the patient. The videos are for public education and promotion of Healing Waters. Healing Waters does not purchase testimonials, all patient testimonials are from actual real patients of Healing Waters, not actors or models. Surgery includes risks, and results are not guaranteed. Check with a qualified physician to discuss the risks and to determine whether surgery is right for you.

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