Skin Care: Fifties

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In this third installment of our four-part series, Healing Waters brings you valuable skin nurturing and cosmetic tips for transitioning through the aging process, continuing with our fifties.


Topping the list again is continued, daily use of SPF 30+ sun protection. We can’t emphasize enough the importance of sunscreen! Sunscreen can dramatically reduce the development of fine lines, wrinkles and age spots while also reducing your risk of skin cancer. This step is a must at every age!

As we enter our fifties, oil production naturally slows and the skin barrier breaks down, making skin dryer. Hydration becomes key to keeping wrinkles tame. This is a good time to introduce a heavier moisturizer like Pure MD® Rich & Loving It™ Anti-Aging Stem Cell Moisturizer. When moisturizing, don’t forget the hands and neck area!

For the delicate eye area, where wrinkles often first appear, High Eye-Q™ Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream can help smooth the skin with anti-aging ingredients such as edelweiss stem cells, antioxidants and peptides. Regular use can help reduce the appearance of crow’s feet.


JaneIredale_InTouchHighlighterOne of the hallmark signs of aging is volume loss through the cheeks. With a light, artful application, a cosmetic highlighter such as Jane Iredale In Touch® Highlighter along the cheekbones and upward can add a little definition. For the eyes, a good primer can provide a smooth base for eye shadow and will reduce streaking created by skin folds. Jane Iredale Lid Primer offers a polished look and can even double as an eye shadow.

Lips begin to thin with age. A clear gloss applied to the central lip area will detract from the thinning effect and provide a fresh look with a hint of sexy. If you opt for color, try applying a lip liner. This will help prevent lipstick from bleeding into the fine lines that begin to frame the lips at this age.


During our fifties, most individuals will benefit from light based therapy such as Forever Young BBL™ BroadBand Light to address skin discoloration, age spots and other blemishes. For best results, it is recommended to receive a treatment four times per year. FYBBL is excellent not only as a corrective treatment, but as a preventative measure to maintain healthy skin and delay new signs of aging.

Another excellent treatment to consider in your fifties is Halo. Halo is a hybrid fractional laser treatment that can deliver ablative results with non-ablative downtime and offers unprecedented customization. Ablation is generally considered one of the most effective methods for improving aging skin. It involves removing the outer layers of skin, which triggers the healing process and results in production of collagen. However, downtime is typically 1-2 weeks, which many of us don’t have. Halo works by using two different wavelengths (ablative and non-ablative), treating the epidermis (the skin surface) differently than the dermis (deeper skin). Halo is excellent for addressing skin texture and enlarged pores as well as discoloration and fine lines.

Halo before and after two treatments. Photos courtesy of Sciton.

To address volume loss, we recommend Juvéderm Voluma® facial filler. Voluma is made with special cross-linking technology that produces a unique lift and fill. Voluma is made specifically for adding volume to the cheek area and can last up to two years.

Restylane® can be used to correct smile lines, enhance thinning lips and add contour to cheeks while wrinkle relaxers such as Botox® and Dysport® relax overactive facial muscles and temporarily smooth out fine lines and wrinkles.

With an array of laser and light-based treatments, fillers and wrinkle relaxing products, it is best to begin with a personalized consultation with a licensed and trained professional. We recommend booking with a Healing Waters registered nurse to learn which treatment options are best for you.


It is not uncommon to begin thinking about plastic surgery in your fifties. Some may find themselves a candidate for a full facelift, but most will more likely be a candidate for a mini facelift or tightening treatment such as Precision Tx (coming soon to Healing Waters!). In a Precision treatment, a laser is placed under the skin on the lower part of the face (jowls) and neck. The laser causes the skin to tighten from the inside out while stimulating collagen production at the same time. It is used for the “in between” patients and as preventative measure.

To learn more about facelifts, we recommend checking out our prior blog post on Facelift FAQs from Plastic Surgeon Ken Schoonover.


As time has taught us, change is one certainty we can count on. Just as a healthy lifestyle is crucial to our health, it is also important to stay in tune with our ever-evolving skin care needs. For many of us in our fifties and into our sixties, skin becomes drier and less elastic while skin cells don’t replenish at the rate they once did. Sun protection, daily and nightly moisturizer, regular facials and other aesthetic treatments as needed are all smart components of good, anti-aging skin care.

Don’t be afraid to seek expert advice. At any age, be sure to choose licensed professionals when navigating the many aesthetic treatment options available. Healing Waters facial and makeup services are a great way to glean input from our skin care experts on products best suited to your current requirements. Be sure to consistently use sun protection and personally tailored, professional products, such as the Pure MD Skin Science, formulated to keep up with your skin’s changing needs.


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