Nutrient Testing

You may love food, but food may not love you. If you suffer from arthritis, migraines, sinusitis, asthma, skin disorders, digestive issues and more, you may have a sensitivity to the food you’re eating. Our food sensitivity testing and nutrient evaluations can help you optimize for health.

IgG Food Antibody Assessment

Our food sensitivity testing is an IgG antibody assessment to help identify true IgE-mediated allergies as well as IgG-mediated food sensitivities. Testing provides insight into intolerances to certain foods by measuring IgG antibody levels to 87 different foods. Results provide a summary of reactive and non-reactive food intolerances ranging from none-detected to very-low, low and high, offering insight into intolerances or non-immune responses to certain foods. Testing requires a blood draw 

Your follow up includes information for implementing an elimination diet based on patient results. Elimination diets are carried out over 1-3 months, involving four phases: Preparation, Elimination, Reintroduction and Long-Term Management. Our nurse practitioner will work with you each step of the way.

Optimal Nutritional Evaluation

Our optimal nutritional evaluation (ONE) is an analysis of key nutritional biomarkers to generate a personalized summary of needs for vitamins, minerals, digestive support, antioxidants and amino acids. Deficiencies in these areas can contribute to mood disorders, fatigue, digestive issues and more. The test requires a first morning void urine collection and includes: metabolic analysis markers, urine amino acid analysis, oxidative stress analysis, malabsorption markers, bacterial markers, yeast/fungal markers and cellular energy evaluation. The test results will be used to create a personalized nutritional supplementation plan based on your individual needs.

Educational Consultation / complimentary
Wellness Clinical Evaluation / $200 + lab fees
Follow up / $50


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