Body Rituals

Luxuriate in Self-Care: Experience Our Body Rituals Massage for Revitalization and Relaxation

Our body rituals are the definition of a luxurious therapeutic spa treatment. We recommend committing to this self-care ritual once per quarter. Emerge revived, focused, and refreshed.

What is a Body Rituals Massage?

A Body Rituals massage is a carefully curated, multi-sensory journey that combines various therapeutic techniques and natural ingredients to deliver an unparalleled relaxation and rejuvenation experience. Each of our treatments caters to specific concerns, offering a tailored experience beyond traditional massage therapy.

Calm Ritual – Sandalwood Spice

A warming body ritual with aromatic spices to comfort and beautify the skin using sandalwood, cloves, and cinnamon. Combine gentle exfoliation to heal blemishes, reduce inflammation, and improve skin health. Next, soak in the nourishing benefits of a full-body yogurt masque as you experience total relaxation under our steam canopy. Finally, enjoy the finishing touch of Body Butter massaged into the skin. This treatment is recommended for sensitive skin or individuals with inflammatory concerns such as eczema.

Balance Ritual – Lavender Mint

Indulge your senses with a combination that will relax and relieve muscular tension. This calming therapy begins with a Himalayan salt scrub with lavender and peppermint essential oils, steeped in moisture-rich coconut oil to nurture and hydrate your skin. Next, enjoy a rejuvenating yogurt masque, rich with lactic acid for additional exfoliation, then melt your tension away under the steam canopy. The finishing touch is a soothing massage with our Lavender Body Butter. It is an excellent treatment for sensitivity to standard skin types.

Correct Ritual – Ginger Lemongrass

Enjoy the uplifting aromatherapy of ginger and lemongrass, beginning with an invigorating, full-body sugar salt scrub. The skin-healing properties in lemongrass will create glowing, healthy skin, while ginger delivers antioxidant properties. Cocoon in the warmth of steam therapy while soaking up the benefits of a moisturizing yogurt masque. Rich in probiotics and zinc, the yogurt masque will help reduce inflammation and address skin blemishes. The treatment concludes with our Citrus Blossom Body Butter massaged into the skin. This treatment is ideal for individuals with acne or those needing exfoliation.

Restore Ritual – Coffee Vanilla

This rich experience begins with a stimulating full-body scrub. Coffee and vanilla provide antioxidant properties to detoxify the skin, increase circulation, and reduce the effects of aging. Soak up the benefits of a nutrient-rich yogurt masque. The yogurt’s skin-nourishing properties provide additional exfoliation and skin-brightening for radiant skin. Steam therapy melts away tension before a milky massage with our Vanilla Body Butter. A therapeutic body ritual is recommended for dehydrated skin.

Frequently Asked Questions About Body Rituals

How often should I book a Body Rituals Massage?
We recommend committing to a Body Rituals Massage once per quarter to maintain optimal wellness, relaxation, and rejuvenation. This self-care ritual will leave you feeling revived, focused, and refreshed.

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